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Salesforce Energy & Utilities Cloud

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Position your business for the future of energy with personalized service, unified customer and asset data, and business agility.

  • Get 100+ preconfigured and extendable applications supporting best-practice energy and utilities processes
  • Connect to utility CIS and billing systems with out-of-the-box integrations
  • Employ a data model with 300+ utility-specific extended objects
  • Leverage Salesforce’s trusted AI approach to deliver intelligent advisory services with Data Cloud, Einstein Predictive AI, machine learning and GPT
About us

Explore Salesforce’s customer-centric innovations designed for an evolving energy industry.

Empowered Agents

Transform the call center with swivel-free consoles and unified customer data.

Personalised Experiences

Increase customer engagement with omni-channel support and digital self-service.

Streamlined Sales

Quickly offer quotes and rates, from single residential to multiproduct and multisite customers.

End-to-End Service

Deliver a consistent customer journey from initial call to field execution.

Actionable Intelligence

Empower employees with data-driven, productivity-boosting insights

Enhanced Collaboration and Communication

Connect data and systems with scale and agility through an industry-leading platform.


Salesforce Communications Cloud empowers you to ATTRACT and RETAIN subscribers and DATA + AI + CRM + TRUST.
Deliver the connected Future Faster and grow your business and bottom line

If 78% of your customers were considering walking away, would you be concerned?

Of course, the answer is yes. Yet that’s exactly what’s happening in the communications industry where new competitors, including tech companies, are tempting B2B and B2C customers with no contracts and lightning-fast service.

Transform your business and operational systems with Salesforce Communications Cloud. Streamline to quote-to-order prcess, improve time to market, and fuel seamless customer experiences at scale

Salesforce Communication cloud intelligently delivers real-time personalized experiences to every consumer, business, and wholesale customer.
Light Up Fiber Subscriber Experiences
  • Grow and manage your subscriber base — from marketing, to build-out, to sales, activation, and retention.


Monetize 5G Faster
  • Learn how to transform your business and unlock new models that grow your revenue and customer relationships.


Accelerate Communications Sales
  • Sell smarter, scale processes more easily, and close deals faster — from anywhere — on a modular, digital platform


Deliver the Perfect Order
  • Reduce order fallout with innovations that save time and reduce costs for the communications industry.
Drive Efficient and Personalized Service
  • Reduce cost to serve while improving customer satisfaction with personalised service.

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