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Managed Services

Find out how AxiaMetrics’ managed services enhance project success by optimising resources, managing risks, and improving performance, driving long-term business growth.
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Managed Services

AxiaMetrics provide Utilities and Telecoms clients with streamlined, end to end Managed Services.  With over 15 years working in IT contractor management for large billing and CRM projects AxiaMetrics provide clients with the expertise, resources, and support needed to reduce costs, improve performance, and transform outcomes. By entrusting their contract managed services to AxiaMetrics, clients can focus on their core business activities while achieving project success with confidence.

We pride ourselves in having a robust and scalable solution and providing a strong team to carry out due diligence to protect Clients. We can offer help with country setup, work permits and foreign exchange.  

About us

AxiaMetrics has invested in the systems, processes and people to deliver seamless managed services to our clients including the following:

Streamlined Recruitment Process

AxiaMetrics leverages its extensive industry experience and network to efficiently identify and recruit top-tier contractors with the specific skills and expertise required for the project. By streamlining the recruitment process, clients can save time and resources while ensuring they have access to highly qualified professionals.

Optimised Resource Allocation

Through careful management of required resources, AxiaMetrics ensures effective deployment to meet project requirements. This includes optimising team composition through the life of a project to maximise productivity and efficiency.

Cost Reduction


By outsourcing IT contractor management to AxiaMetrics, clients can realise cost savings associated with recruitment, onboarding, training, and overhead expenses. AxiaMetrics’ expertise in managing contractors allows for efficient resource utilisation, minimizing idle time and unnecessary expenses.

Performance Improvement

AxiaMetrics drives contractor performance by setting clear objectives, offering regular feedback, and implementing improvement plans as needed, ensuring high productivity and quality output.

Risk Mitigation


AxiaMetrics mitigates contractor management risks, including non-compliance, insurance, turnover, and performance issues, through thorough contract management and proactive risk mitigation, ensuring project success and safeguarding client interests.

Enhanced Collaboration and Communication

AxiaMetrics promotes collaboration between contractors and internal teams, ensuring alignment with project goals through transparent communication and teamwork, fostering a conducive working environment for success.

Outcome Transformation

AxiaMetrics’ managed services transforms project outcomes by ensuring optimal talent, resource utilisation, effective risk management, and continuous performance improvement. This leads to successful delivery of high-quality projects, exceeding client expectations and fostering long-term business growth.

Overall, AxiaMetrics’ services in IT contractor management for large projects, provide clients with the expertise, resources, and support needed to reduce costs, improve performance, and transform outcomes. By entrusting the management of IT contractors to AxiaMetrics, clients can focus on their core business activities while achieving project success with confidence.

Who we work with:

What Our Customers Say

We can tell you about the amazing things we can do for your business, but we think our customers can tell you better. After all, what they think is what really matters.

Programme Manager - Big Six Energy Company

AxiaMetrics are very proactive and collaborative

“I have worked with Axia for 2 years and cannot fault the quality, content or professionalism of their communications and Customer Management. Over this time, we have implemented a significant change to our contract recruitment process and Axiametrics was at the heart of this change. Axiametrics have been proactive, collaborative and worked with my company in a true partnership model. I will continue to work with them and would not hesitate in recommending their services to others.

Project Manager (Contractor) - Big Six Energy Company

Their USP is their personal approach.

“As an experienced contractor of over 20 years I am happy to provide an insider view to Axiametrics.   Their USP is in how they approach the selection of a candidate for their Client. Neil Beaney took time is getting to know me and my capabilities. Read my CV in depth and then over several days, ensured that I was what I said I was (experience wise) and that I fitted the requirements of his client. He is passionate about finding work for contractors and ensuring they fit with their client.  He can only do that by knowing you and the client.   Once selected for interview Neil ensured I was prepared, providing an in-depth knowledge of the client's core values and expectation of the hiring manager. With Neil’s preparation I felt really well relaxed and well positioned to ensure my value was fully understood by the client.   Finally, Axiametrics are excellent at communicating.  They keep in touch and meet regularly, ensuring I have no issues, and that means the client gets the best out of me.” 

Consulting Director - Oracle Consulting

AxiaMetrics give great support and advice

“We started working with Axiametrics in 2007 utilising their payroll services for known contractors who we wished to re-engage with from time to time. Be it for ad-hoc pieces of work or new long-term projects. As a result, we have seen a complete elimination of pay discrepancies and delay’s in contractors being paid on-time, regardless of which currency or region they are based in. In parallel because of Axiametrics long standing relationship with Oracle we’ve also had great support in identifying specific resources for projects across Europe, whether it be for our core technologies within the likes of Oracle Utilities or other products such as Siebel CRM.”

AxiaMetrics are our 'GO' to recruiters.

Axiametrics are our 'go to' recruiters when we need to hire quality IT Support and Software Development employees. They are a great team and have taken time to understand our business, our values and that has enabled them to put forward candidates that are more likely to be a good potential fit for our company which saves a lot of time in the recruitment process. They certainly get my recommendation if you are looking to recruit quality employees in the Technology marketplace.

Top class service.

Top class service from AxiaMetrics supplying us with 3 members of staff recently.
Always attentive and a great understanding of our needs enabled them to find the right clients for our vacancies.

I would recommend them to anyone!

We have recently used AxiaMetrics to recruit into our IT and administration team and have been really impressed with both the quality of the candidates they put through and their open and honest approach. It was our first time using a recruitment consultancy but I would certainly recommend them to anyone else. Thanks again AxiaMetrics!

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